What it Means to be ANSI Accredited

The American National Standard Institute (ANSI) was founded in 1918. The ANSI is a non-profit organization and “watchdog” in regards to standardizing the development of new technology. This institute accredits individuals or groups as competent in undertaking a specific task. Products that receive the ANSI insignia are unparalleled in safety and durability.

Thousands of products carry the ANSI approved insignia. These products range from acoustic engineering devices to lumber. According to, “[The American National Standard Institute] oversees the creation, promulgation and use of thousands of norms and guidelines that directly impact businesses in nearly every sector,” Yet, the ANSI doesn’t develop standards in the production of technology, it oversees the creation of standards by cola-berating with industry leaders.

The ANSI’s guidelines for technology manufacturing are recognized worldwide as best practices. These manufacturing practices assure that products “meet essential requirements throughout the global supply chain,” according to and that all industry standards are strictly adhered to. Although thousands of products bare the ANSI insignia, the stamp of approval is given frugally. Products must adhere to a standard of excellence to be ANSI approved.

To obtain recognition from the ANSI, according to, a letter of application must be submitted so that the product may be assessed for accreditation. The ANSI judges the product and issues a report of eligibility within 30 days.

American National Standard Institute compliance is voluntary, however, those companies who wish to conform to these standards more readily find a home among the national and global marketplace. For example, according to, the ANSI standardizes computer hardware ports and file formats so that third-party hardware and applications are compatible with current computer manufacturing technologies. “By standardizing new technologies [The] ANSI helps both corporations and government agencies create compatible products and services,” states Standardization effects items we encounter daily, although inconspicuously.

American National Standard Institute accreditation assures that a product meets essential requirements. Products approved by the ANSI meet rigorous safety and durability guidelines. Manufacturers who are willing to adhere to ANSI guidelines and submit their product for approval more readily find a home on the global market. Analogously, the ANSI is a global Better Business Bureau.

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