You may not have heard of the American National Standards Institute, referred to as ANSI, but they lurk in shadows of the Nation’s major think-tanks and corporations. ANSI doesn’t create or manufacture any product, however, they are a “watchdog” in regards to standardizing the development of new technology. Thousands of products carry the ANSI approved insignia. These products range from acoustic engineering devices to lumber.

ANSI isn’t the only organization that creates standards for the things we use daily. There are about a dozen such organization that lurk beneath the products we use, such as Energy Star and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). Without such organization computers wouldn’t possess a universalized data transfer port, energy efficiency would give way for the low cost of production and a myriad of products would be unsafe, especially those related to the construction trade. ANSI is much like Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they ensure, among other things, that products meet safety requirements.

ANSI was founded in 1918 as a non-profit organization. This institute accredits individuals or groups as competent in undertaking a specific task. It was ANSI that standardized USB ports and high visibility safety vests, for example – the dayglow orange garments road construction crews wear.

ANSI’s guidelines for technology manufacturing are recognized worldwide as best practices. These manufacturing practices assure that products meet essential requirements throughout the global supply chain. Although thousands of products bare the ANSI insignia, the stamp of approval is given frugally. Products must adhere to a standard of excellence to be ANSI approved.

American National Standard Institute compliance is voluntary, however, those companies who wish to conform to these standards more readily find a home among the global marketplace: they meet a standard of unification. Without such organizations, our computers would each possess a unique and proprietary serial port. Moreover, products that receive the ANSI insignia are unparalleled in safety and durability.

Look for the ANSI insignia of approval on the next product you purchase. Those products that bare this insignia guarantee best practices were utilized during all stages of manufacturing.

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